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Artist Profile

Richard Adusu

RRichard Adusu, born in 1983 in Accra, Ghana, is a contemporary fine artist and a musician resident in Accra. He graduated from the Ghanatta College of Art and Design in 2005 as a professional painter.
Each of his characters is masterfully captured with a warmth, honesty and intensity, or raw energy as Adusu brings his subjects to life using acrylics or oils paints together with modeling clay to create a tactile impressions and signature black canvases – always with light dancing in their eyes, off their skins and power rippling through their bodies kinetically.

Adusu specialises in acrylics and oils together with modelling clay which he uses to capture his subjects with warm honesty and intensity. With raw energy, he brings them to life in tactile impressions on his signature black backgrounds as light reflects off the eyes and skins of Adusu’s figures.
Focusing mostly on global Black and African lives of leaders, icons and everyday people, he depicts scenes of past and current affairs in politics, entertainment, sports and everyday life, using both active movement and noticeable stillness in his work.
He works on sizable canvases which he sees as another means by which to captivate his patrons and other art lovers.
Richard Adusu believes he has a unique inspiration which is central to his ability to achieve those deep skin tones masterfully and to successfully represent his imagination on all his canvases without exception.

Activists, sporting icons, family and community members, long lost loves, business leaders and the
next generation of inspired young people are all featured as subjects and muses in his works. Scale
is another feature present in Adusu’s work and it is not something he is intimidated by. Much of his
work, including his portraits, stands proud at sizable dimensions and still manages to captivate
audiences and art lovers with their personal and intimate expressions and kinetic sense of motion.
Richard Adusu’s unique inspiration is central to why and how the deepest skin tones are masterfully
captured and represented in his paintings without exception.


The native girl with golden bead
Clash of the titans (Tyson/Holyfield)
The blue hat