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Artist Profile

John Nii Ayi Akwetey Hyde

Artist Profile

John Nii Ayi Akwetey

I graduated from Ghanatta College of Art and Design and turned into a versatile artist whose subject matter revolves around nature and the various elements of art. I love to innovate and create new things out of what is commonly regarded as nothing. Accepted ideas and norms especially about art, instigate the non-conformist in me.

A close look at my work turns its deceptive obviousness into an intentionally calculated effort to create something new. My greatest desire as an artist is to constantly discover what is hidden from the ordinary eye and bring it out into the open. The fulfillment of it all is when the hidden originality is finally recognized by an observant beholder. Collectors, both Ghanaian and otherwise, have often recognized this originality I speak of and loved to possess a piece of my art.